Why We Need Stress… In Moderation

By Jordan Pennells Originally posted on LifeApps... COVID-19 Foreword When writing this article, I was hoping to convey how stress is an essential aspect of life when experienced in moderation, especially in the contexts of productivity, exercise and the immune system. But I’ve also realized how relevant this idea is to the global health crisis that... Continue Reading →

How to Reclaim Our Dwindling Attention

Originally posted on LifeApps... Our attention is a precious resource granted to us through evolution. But modern technological life is shrinking our attention span at an unprecedented rate. Using the three tips in this post, you can reclaim your attention for a more productive, creative and fulfilling life. We have a finite daily supply of... Continue Reading →

How To Improve Your Running In 3 Steps

by Jordan Pennells - Originally posted on LIFEApps Let’s face it. Exercise is the number one resolution people make each New Year, but it is also the most unkept resolution. The mere thought of strenuous exercise can be daunting! Yet some revel in it and the benefits are immense. Exercise has even recently been proposed... Continue Reading →

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