The ‘Smaller Than The Eye Can See’ Microbial World

Originally posted on Lifeology... Co-author: Sarah WettstadtIllustrations: Darcy Flynn Viruses, bacteria and fungi (microbes) are all around us! They’re an intimate part of our bodies, our minds, and our environment at large. Our species has always evolved in the presence of microbes, and our immune system has arisen to control their influence. Despite the way microbes are... Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Allergies, or What Doesn’t Kill You…

Originally posted on the LIFE Apps science blog... By Jordan Pennells "That which does not kill us makes us stronger" – Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher. Evolution of Allergies Strength is derived from adversity. This is a common idea in the science of our mental and physical health. But how true is this axiom in reality? In... Continue Reading →

(Thread) Coral, microbiome & the philosophy of biological research

Read on Twitter! (1/12) V. thought provoking seminar today @TRI_info by Prof John Huss entitled ‘Ecological medicine & medical ecology’. Discussed were ecological strategies for #coralremediation and the #microbiome. But more interesting was unpacking the #philosophy of biological research!.... (2/12) The field of microbiome #research is still very young, and it’s hard to get a handle on what is established and where exactly... Continue Reading →

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