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Magic Eye

When I was a kid, I used to have a book that you'd read unlike any other. It wasn't exactly a picture book - more like an anti-picture book. It contained a mystical 'child-lock' that hid its secrets behind an invisible barrier. The barrier was overcome instantly by some, and with practise for others, or... Continue Reading →

Resilient Heart – My Science Poem

Originally posted on Lifeology... Resilient Heart by Jordan Pennells Spinifex grass,the resilient heartof a sun-scorched nation. Across vast, arid landdeserted by allbut those that resistthe absence of rainfall. The resilience of lifein dry desert Australiais embodied by grassIndigenous in nature. For a dreamtime storyhas spiky, strong spinifexas a symbol of lifeand reproduction that reflects The... Continue Reading →

Our Favorite Science Poems

*Originally posted on Lifeology... Write Science Poetry with us this month for the Lifeology SciComm Challenge! Whether you see how the beauty and intricacy of poetry can aid science communication, or you’re new to the wonderful world of poetry and you want to learn the language of symbolism, try your hand at some science-themed poem for... Continue Reading →

June #SciCommChallenge – Create An Infographic

In the month of June, Lifeology is setting forth the challenge to create a Science & Art infused infographic! Infographics are a great way to tell a scientific story, because information encoded in a graphical style simply connects more with your audience. “The human brain is more able to identify and comprehend relationships and patterns if data... Continue Reading →

31 Daily Challenges To Get Fit In 2020

Originally posted on LifeApps... Are you looking for a way to improve your fitness or your commitment to exercise in 2020? Go ahead and bookmark this page right now, because this post has everything you need to start your 2020 fitness goals on the right foot. But before you take the next step forward in... Continue Reading →

The Money Tree

Your calves strain, your breath is heavy, and your shirt saturated with sweat as it’s sandwiched between your back and backpack. But with one final surge, you break through the dense forest trail and into a field of soft green grass, vividly lit by the rich afternoon sun. A single tree, strong and slender with... Continue Reading →

Switching Modes

The ability to switch your mode of attitude in an instant - or at least in a short period of time - is a powerful concept that I realise has been with me for a long period of my life. When my parents told me to have an attitude adjustment, they were really telling me... Continue Reading →

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