Here's the final piece I wrote for my Creative Writing elective that I took this past semester. Naturally, my scientific instinct took over and I wrote a short story about a futuristic alternative reality where the earth is running out of nuclear power resources. Enjoy! by Jordan Pennells Today the sky was a perfect … Continue reading Silence

‘Stranger’ in a Strange Place

by Jordan Pennells A high-pitched note, dulling. Blinding white light, fading away to reveal a room. A room without easily discernible walls, but without any noticeable features out in the distance either. As I reached the edge of my field of vision, I began turning neck to realise I had no neck to turn. What … Continue reading ‘Stranger’ in a Strange Place

The Epicurean Life

by Jordan Pennells “A World Of Luxury… For Those With Discerning Taste”. Pick up an issue of Epicurean Life magazine, and their advocated lifestyle involves diamond-studded clothes, voluptuous women and even sexier cars. Epicurus, the magazine’s ironically misguided namesake, would be turning in his grave. His philosophy insists pleasure does not materialise by basking in … Continue reading The Epicurean Life