Existentialism; the philosophy of creating your own destiny

Jean-Paul Sartre was a revolutionary French philosopher of the 20th Century, elevating existential philosophy into popular culture. Tasking with evaluating the concept of 'existence precedes essence' (as the final essay of an undergraduate philosophy course), I have introduced why Sartre believed our destiny is in our hands, in addition to the ultimate deterioration of the... Continue Reading →

The Epicurean Life

by Jordan Pennells “A World Of Luxury… For Those With Discerning Taste”. Pick up an issue of Epicurean Life magazine, and their advocated lifestyle involves diamond-studded clothes, voluptuous women and even sexier cars. Epicurus, the magazine’s ironically misguided namesake, would be turning in his grave. His philosophy insists pleasure does not materialise by basking in... Continue Reading →

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