Deep Sleep Detoxifies Your Brain – Cerebrospinal Fluid For the Win

by Jordan Pennells - Originally posted on LIFEApps. Another piece of the puzzle explaining sleep’s effect on our mental health and brain functioning has been uncovered in new research published this week in the journal Science!   In an ironic case of self-sacrifice, Laura Lewis and her team at Boston University spent many late nights in the lab... Continue Reading →

Evolution is Sweet

Originally posted on LifeApps... Millions of years ago, in the middle of Africa’s jungles, our primate ancestors moved through the treetops in search of their food. The most energy-dense foods they could find were sugar-rich fruits. In an environment where predators could be around every corner, finding a fast-burning food source was essential for their... Continue Reading →

Life Fast, Die Young: The Evolution of Aging

Originally posted on the LIFE Apps science blog... By Jordan Pennells To take care of your health is to delay the inevitable biological deterioration of your body, to fight against the unyielding aging process. But there’s another way to view the process of aging, if we expand the time frame from an individual’s lifetime to evolutionary time.... Continue Reading →

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