Evolution by Natural Selection

There's no doubt that the most instrumental contribution to the field of biology was Darwin's Theory of Evolution. It is important to note that when we use the term 'Theory', we aren't using the general definition (which is often misquoted by opponents of evolution), but rather the specific scientific definition: Theory (general): "a hypothesis assumed … Continue reading Evolution by Natural Selection


Resisting ‘Superbugs’ in the Post-antibiotic Era

Abstract: Antibiotic resistance represents the highest likelihood threat towards human civilisation as we know it. The mechanism by which antibacterial resistance arises is through natural section and evolution of bacterial strains that have acquired a suite of advantageous mutations, allowing them to circumvent the action of antibacterial drugs. However, these mutations typically have pleiotropic effects … Continue reading Resisting ‘Superbugs’ in the Post-antibiotic Era

Time to trash ‘junk DNA’

Having to read Sean Carroll’s ‘The Making of the Fittest’ as part of an evolution course I'm taking this semester, a concept that struck my attention was 'junk DNA', introduced along with the imagery of genes as archipelagos of information amongst a sea of junk within the genome. Although this contemporary science book has been fascinating thus far, it was … Continue reading Time to trash ‘junk DNA’

Harry Potter and the Resurrection of Alchemy

by Jordan Pennells Some of us may never feel the urge to step outside the magical embrace that Harry Potter offers its readers. But for those that do, take a second to ponder the scientific principles that may be underpinning some of the supernatural themes presented throughout the series. Do Portkeys bend the fabric of … Continue reading Harry Potter and the Resurrection of Alchemy