Time to trash ‘junk DNA’

Having to read Sean Carroll’s ‘The Making of the Fittest’ as part of an evolution course I'm taking this semester, a concept that struck my attention was 'junk DNA', introduced along with the imagery of genes as archipelagos of information amongst a sea of junk within the genome. Although this contemporary science book has been fascinating thus far, it was … Continue reading Time to trash ‘junk DNA’

Harry Potter and the Resurrection of Alchemy

by Jordan Pennells Some of us may never feel the urge to step outside the magical embrace that Harry Potter offers its readers. But for those that do, take a second to ponder the scientific principles that may be underpinning some of the supernatural themes presented throughout the series. Do Portkeys bend the fabric of … Continue reading Harry Potter and the Resurrection of Alchemy

The (mon)Keys of Evolution

by Jordan Pennells The human evolutionary timeline is a contentious topic within academia, repeatedly being revised with the development of genetic technologies. A common misconception is that we evolved from Chimpanzees. This idea is somewhat incorrect in the sense that (it is theorised that) both species evolved from a common ancestor between 6.5-7 million years ago, … Continue reading The (mon)Keys of Evolution