Not A Poem About Self-discovery

Self-discovery could be the most locked & loaded phrase I know
There’s not so much a discovery as there is a realisation
Of the things that are forever present
But briefly & rarely seen or realised.

Like some simple, distilled truths about how life can behave
Like a collision with the reality of everything
Happening at this very moment of life.

And then, like a shifting microscope
A new perspective is clicked into place
Opening up the field of the mind.

But that’s where the metaphor breaks down
Because, paradoxically
Unlike for the microscope
It is a wide-angle perspective that provides
A higher-resolution richness in the experience of life.

It’s the realisation of a layer of reality
Present always
That transcends the everyday struggles & successes
Woven into the euphoric & tragic fabric of life.

It’s seen with a birds-eye view
Perched on a branch of philosophical perspective

And whatever you realise is your simple truths to be,
Articulate it, act it & empower your reality!

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