Magic Eye

When I was a kid, I used to have a book that you’d read unlike any other. It wasn’t exactly a picture book – more like an anti-picture book. It contained a mystical ‘child-lock’ that hid its secrets behind an invisible barrier.

The barrier was overcome instantly by some, and with practise for others, or never for the rest that didn’t have the patience, perseverance or predisposition for it.

It was a Magic Eye book.

To achieve the Magic Eye and access each page’s secrets, one had to look beneath the surface of the page – to shift your plane of focus onto the image and into the heart of the pattern.

Only then would the page reveal a deeper level of nuance, a hidden dimension, presenting an imprint of a 3D image on the otherwise 2D page.

As a kid, the mystique of this book was intriguing… and it could also be used to confound friends that weren’t attune to the secret. But only now am I starting to realise the essential analogy that this book was hinting at – the skill it was cultivating in kids from a young age.

In some way, the Magic Eye books were like a juvenile, analogous form of the pointing-out instructions, a mindful technique that Sam Harris echos strongly in his meditation app Waking Up.

It encourages us to look past the subject-object relationships that dictates our everyday experience, and tries to unlock the doors of your mind to a deeper level of perception.

But the doors remain closed for now…..

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