An Ascetic Aesthetic

by Jordan Pennells

The bold note struck through your being throughout an ascetic search.
The flood of awe filling your experience of a rainforest, gushing & glowing after a night of heavy rain, crying tears of joy.

A resistance against all worldly desires & temptations.
A reconnection with the desiring beauty of the world

The sharp ideal of a life lived in the jaws of suffering.
Or an uplift into the heavens of nature on Earth

But what if these seemingly stranger concepts meet somewhere down the philosophical trail?
What if asceticism acts on aesthetics as an amplifier, a catalyst, or a driver?

There for all of us to decide & discover, the choices & possibilities of living, But getting swept away in the torrent of options flowing from my screen,
Instead of striving to stand under the majestic power of a waterfall,
Soaked down to the phone battery & bone!

There in your real nature, standing under a waterfall, distilling it down to a stream of consciousness that tries to find the balance between ascetic ideals & aesthetic pleasures. Becoming one with the water & yourself & every aesthetic experience, the ultimate gift of our gracious consciousness.

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