Quantum Technology

In an unorthodox integration between biomedical diagnostics and quantum physics, UQ physicists have developed precision sensors that have the capability to detect and track single unlabelled biomolecules, providing insights into the body’s nanomachinery. 

Research article: Evanescent single-molecule biosensing with quantum-limited precision

From research article: “(a) Nanofiber with dark field heterodyne illumination. Nanoparticles (grey spheres) in a droplet of ultra pure water are detected when entering the probe beam waist next to the nanofibre. (b) Schematic of the optical setup for the dark field heterodyne nanofibre biosensor


Aided by the launch of a $31.9M Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems (EQUS), UQ Physics Professor Warwick Bowen is leading a partnership with aerospace giant Lockheed Martin to develop computer technologies with future deep space applications. 

Launch of EQUS.

Lockheed Martin partnership.

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