Land Conservation

Human induced habitat fragmentation contributes to the extinction threat for many mammalian species, of which 27% are at risk. UQ researcher Dr Moreno Di Marco warns that “the more 'connected' we become, non-human life becomes increasingly disconnected, at their peril.” The research, which presents satellite mapping of habitat loss (as shown in the featured image), … Continue reading Land Conservation


A study comprising researchers from UQ’s School of Veterinary Science has found that elevated concentrations of industrial & agricultural chemicals in the blood of Great Barrier Reef turtles are causing inflammation & liver dysfunction in coastal populations. Researchers found that green turtles had cobalt levels in their blood four to 25 times higher than the undisturbed … Continue reading Turtles


In 2017, UQ’s venom expert from the School of Biological Sciences, A/Prof. Bryan Fry, has undergone research into toxin evolution within a range of predators, including brown and tiger snakes, cobras and Komodo dragons. The significance of venom research includes healthcare advances with the production of vital antivenoms & anti-blood clotting drugs. Different snake populations, … Continue reading Venom

Coral Conservation

UQ researchers are at the vanguard of Great Barrier Reef conservation efforts, with research into innovative culling strategies for the devastating Crown-of-Thorns starfish. While reducing the frequency and severity of damaging storms (48% cause of coral cover decline), and rises in global ocean temperatures (10%) are critical long-term climate change remediation strategies that contribute to … Continue reading Coral Conservation

Existentialism; the philosophy of creating your own destiny

Jean-Paul Sartre was a revolutionary French philosopher of the 20th Century, elevating existential philosophy into popular culture. Tasking with evaluating the concept of 'existence precedes essence' (as the final essay of an undergraduate philosophy course), I have introduced why Sartre believed our destiny is in our hands, in addition to the ultimate deterioration of the … Continue reading Existentialism; the philosophy of creating your own destiny