Evolution by Natural Selection

There's no doubt that the most instrumental contribution to the field of biology was Darwin's Theory of Evolution. It is important to note that when we use the term 'Theory', we aren't using the general definition (which is often misquoted by opponents of evolution), but rather the specific scientific definition: Theory (general): "a hypothesis assumed... Continue Reading →

History & Origins of Evolution

As humans, we look around ourselves and marvel upon how the endless forms of organisms we see, and the ones we are yet to discover, have come to be. How the spectrum of life arose and became interconnected. What's more, how to classify them based on similarities and differences in some hierarchical form. That's a... Continue Reading →

Abstract: Antibiotic resistance represents the highest likelihood threat towards human civilisation as we know it. The mechanism by which antibacterial resistance arises is through natural section and evolution of bacterial strains that have acquired a suite of advantageous mutations, allowing them to circumvent the action of antibacterial drugs. However, these mutations typically have pleiotropic effects... Continue Reading →

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